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As a coder, writing code is that the biggest a part of your job. In your programming time period, you may need to cope with completely different types of code requests. every request can force you to create tough selections. that each one is OKAY. Nothing wrong therewith. this can be what everybody expects from you, as a programmer: Writing code. However, here could be a question: do you have to write all the code that’s requested from you?

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Programming is that the art of finding a retardant. therefore naturally, programmers area unit drawback solvers. As programmers, once we have a brand new drawback ahead USA|folks|people} able to be resolved or the other reason that wants from us to write down code lines, we have a tendency to get excited.

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And that is okay as a result of we have a tendency to area unit programmers. we have a tendency to love writing code.

However, obtaining too excited concerning writing code makes North American nation blind. It causes North American nation to ignore some vital facts that may cause larger issues we are going to need to cope with within the future.

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So, what area unit those vital facts that we have a tendency to tend to ignore?

Software Development Delhi

Every line of code you write is:

  • code that should be browse and understood by different programmers
  • code that should be tested and debugged
  • code that may increase defects in your software system
  • code that in all probability can introduce new bugs within the future
  • As wealthy Skrenta wrote, code is our enemy:

Code is dangerous. It rots. It needs periodic maintenance. it’s bugs that require to be found. New options mean the previous code should be custom-made.
The a lot of code you have got, the a lot of places there area unit for bugs to cover. The longer checkouts or compiles take. The longer it takes a brand new worker to create sense of your system. If you have got to refactor there’s a lot of stuff to maneuver around.

Furthermore, a lot of code typically means that less flexibility and practicality. this can be counter-intuitive, however loads of times an easy, elegant resolution is quicker and a lot of general than the plodding mess of code made by a coder of lesser talent.

Code is made by engineers. to create a lot of code needs a lot of engineers. Software Development Delhi. Engineers have n² communication prices, and every one that code they boost the system, whereas increasing its capability, additionally will increase an entire basket of prices.

It’s therefore true, isn’t it? The programmers UN agency inspire you with their productivity and committal to writing mentality area unit people who apprehend once to mention no and once to not code. The software system that’s straightforward to take care of, that lasts long and keeps serving to their users is that the one that doesn’t contain any spare code lines. https://

Software Development Delhi

The best code is no code at all, and the most effective programmer is the one who knows when not to code.

How can you know when not to code?
It’s natural to get excited when you’re working on a project and think about all the cool features you’d love to implement. But programmers tend to overestimate how many features their project needs. Many features go unfinished or unused or simply make the application overcomplicated. You should know what is essential for your project to avoid making this mistake.

Understanding the purpose of your software and its core definition is the first step to know when not to code.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have software that has only one purpose: managing emails. And for that purpose, sending and receiving emails are two essential features to your project.

So you should say NO to any possible feature requests that are irrelevant to this definition. This is the moment you can be exactly sure that you know when not to write code.

Never expand your software’s purpose.

Once you know what is essential for your project, you will be conscious next time when you evaluate possible code requests. You will exactly know your requirements to write code. Which feature should be implemented? Which code is worth to write?

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